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7 Reasons you should sell online

Sell online

Indecisive about whether or not to start selling online? Here’s something to help you make up your mind…

  1. You reach a much wider customer base –

By putting your products online, you allow a much larger number of potential buyers to access you, your brand and the items you are selling. These potential customers may live too far from you to have ever been able to view your products in person, or may simply be too busy to have the luxury of shopping at your store or market stall.


        2. Your products become available 24/7

By selling online you give your customers the freedom to shop when and how they are comfortable. If someone works shifts and they are only able to shop at inconvenient times, your online store gives them the option to shop when it suits them. Likewise, if someone wants to view a product before making a decision, this can be done without the hassle of travel.


    4. It’s cheaper

When you compare the cost of selling online to the cost of having a store/stall, the financial gain that comes from selling online is greatly admired by most business owners. An online store is a much smaller fee each month than rent for a permanent residence or even a monthly fee of a stall. There is also no need for tables and tills, and your need for staff decreases to the amount of help you need in producing your product. This, when properly calculated, means that you make a much higher profit from online selling.


5. Rain or Shine, you can buy online

While outdoor markets are a joy to visit, they depend very much on good weather. But the same applies when you have a store. Most people do not enjoy leisure trips out in bad weather, and so they will miss the chance to view your products. However online there is no weather restriction. Your products are available to view in the sunny cyber world of ecommerce even during a tropical cyclone.


    6. Advertising – easier, faster, more affordable

Advertising your online products is much faster, and much less expensive than hard-copy advertising. It is also more likely that your potential customer will come across your ad in their social media feed, than it is that they will come across an ad that has been shoved in their letterbox. Most eCommerce stores have the option to share products with friends, and it is easy to hold competitions in which you motivate your customers to help you spread the word. There are also multiple ways to advertise with an extremely small budget, which will put your product in front of future buyers far and wide.


    7. All the cool kids are doing it

Yes, of course you need to be your beautiful individual self! But at the same time, don’t your products deserve every opportunity available to be shown, loved and bought? If you are making a quality-rich, useful, crafted with love product, the world should see it! And we are in the age of technology. Everything is accessible by the touch of a button on a screen, and anything that isn’t is unfortunately going to be left behind. So, don’t let your products down!


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